Monday, January 2, 2017

Health vs Aesthetics

Health vs Aesthetics. Which side of the spectrum are you on? Can you achieve both ? Here is a common scenario:
You start a fitness program, you do great for 3+ weeks, however you do not see any changes on the scale. What gives? You are now discouraged and maybe even ready to give up.
As a female, I know that it's hard when you don't see the scale moving in the right direction. You might even think you need to be a certain size in order to be deemed beautiful. This is so far from the truth. Women need to learn to retrain the way their minds think. Instead of thinking life is about restriction you need to see your lifestyle change according to what goals you want to obtain. Exercise and healthy eating to be a lifestyle, NOT a means to an end!
If there is one piece of advice I can give to other women it is simply this: Focus on being STRONG. It's really that simple. If you want to see your body change for the better, you need to apply stress and this will make your body change without trying. If I can give you a mantra to repeat to yourself daily it would be this:
"I eat to be healthy, I train to be strong, food is not the enemy and I will not punish myself for eating. ! Wellness is the goal, happiness is the goal and feeling good IS THE GOAL!”
If you can develop this mindset from within, you will be unstoppable. There will be NO MORE quitting, no more giving up and no more getting discouraged. Why ? Because the rewards will come from within, not externally.
Did you know that your body can be unhealthy even when you are skinny? Did you ever hear of skinny fat?A thin person with a poor diet and is physically out of shape, is at higher risk for health risks than a heavier person who exercises regularly and has a healthy diet.
With all of this in mind, I want you to see that you are in control of your life. Choose to be strong. Choose to lift weights. Most of all choose to dominate in all aspects of your life !
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