Friday, January 6, 2017

Get back on the wagon!

Getting into shape can be as easy as cutting things out that you might not think are affecting your diet. Yes you can be eating foods /drinks that are causing you to gain weight or hold onto existing weight. Cleaning up you diet can be simple as long as your willing to make a change. Holiday's take a toll on your body from dense foods, drinking cocktails and then going on hiatus from the gym, you need to get yourself on the fast track!
Try to avoid these things to get your body back on track!
-Don't drink your calories. People don't realize how much they are ingesting because your drinking them. If you look at the back of a soda can, you are drinking over 150 calories. That is just wasted carbs and calories. Would you rather drink your calories or eat?
-Eating a salad and loading it with a heavy salad dressing is going to make your calories go up. Instead, choose a light drizzle of olive oil and balsamic or even cider vinegar to keep it clean. Seasonings can also add tons of flavor, but not tons of calories.
-Eat fruits in moderation. Yes they are natures candy but you can get yourself in trouble when you eat a whole bag of dried fruit you now doubled your calories. Fruit is healthy and full of fiber no need to eliminate, just moderate!
-Get rid of the processed foods in your diet. Eating real foods is easier than you think. Eat foods that you can find in nature. If you can eliminate foods that are in packages and limit sugars you are helping your body detox and repair with real food.
-Cut out the fried foods. Consider baking sweet potato slices or fries instead of the higher fat and calorie fried counterpart. Lightly toss in healthy oils, season and bake for far fewer calories.
-Watch the healthy fats. Yes you can have too much of a good thing. If you are eating almonds by the handful rather than the typical serving size of 1 oz. (which is roughly 16 nuts), you may be consuming hundreds of additional calories without even knowing it.
As with anything, moderation is key, and using an app such as MyFitnessPal is a fantastic tool when you really want to dial it in. Need help? Contact me for nutritional programming!

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