Friday, January 20, 2017

Flexibility is key, but so is moderation!

If it fits your macros (IIFYM) is what many of you are doing for this nutrition challenge. I enjoy teaching about macro counting because it helps you understand what foods your eating, portion control, and how your body responds to certain macro changes, primarily carbs and fats.
Flexible dieting what is it? Flexible dieting is the process of tracking your food intake, and aiming for certain calorie and macro-nutrient ranges. How closely you hit them depends on your goals.The concept is that you eat mainly nutrient-dense, “healthy” foods, but you can consume some nutrient-deficient foods, provided you stay within the aforementioned calorie and macro-nutrient guidelines. it essentially means that a person never breaks their diet. It preaches healthy habits and moderation, while allowing you to maintain a social life, and reaching whatever physique and performance goals you have.
Here is where the problem happens. People take "flexible" to a whole new level. Eating processed foods that have little nutritional values will negatively impact your physique and training goals. If you eat a diet that is made up of healthy foods that fuel your body and repair your muscle you are more likely to see the changes you want. Now there is time for treats in your diet but you should be strategic and plan for them.
Far too often I will get a text in the morning saying this: "I went out, ate way over my macros, so I just thew in the towel and ate what I wanted". Sound familiar? This concept we can put to this analogy: If you car has one flat tire, do you go to the other tires and slash them to make them flat too? I am hoping most of you are saying no and that you fix the one tire. Same for meals and nutrition. IF you have one meal that was a bit overboard, let it go and move forward. There is no reason to allow the entire day to fall a part because of one meal.
My point? You don’t need to be a dieting nazi when it comes to meeting your daily macros to see results. Consistently getting within 2-5g of your protein, carbs & fats is going to suffice & give you accurate enough feedback to ensure you can tweak your diet accordingly moving forward. So relax! You aren’t always going to be able to hit your numbers spot on. So chill out, keep your macros in mind, but go out, enjoy life, eat some good food and embrace flexibility.

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