Thursday, January 12, 2017

Embrace the haters !

Embrace the haters ! You will always have someone that will be ready to watch you fail. Guess what, that is 100% ok ! A lot of times when you are starting a new fitness and healthy living goal, people are so quick to try to derail you. As you already know, consistency is the key to success. Everyone has their own reasons for falling off the wagon, but the main issue I want to address in this article is falling victim to negative peer pressure from friends and family. Dorian Yates speak about his career in professional bodybuilding and life after retiring from competition, the one thing that really made an impact was when he said, “You're truly free when you stop giving a f**K.” And you know what, he is right!
So many people care way to much what other people think, myself included. So many of my decisions were made based on the fact that I worried what other people thought of me. As I am learning, no one cares about you, and you need to care for yourself. I know that is harsh but really ask yourself if you make a decision today, who is going to be affected? Those people who are making a judgement about you? OR are you the one who's life is impacted?
Be specific with what you aim to do and how you will do it. This goes for anything in your life. This can be fitness, professional, relationships and anything you want to accomplish.Make sure you are setting realistic and specific goals that you can put some numbers on it and track your progress. Too general of a goal will give you very large variables in your outcome.
Surrounding yourself with people of the same mindset, or who have already achieved what you are striving for, is a great way to increase motivation to continue. So many of us lack support and that is why you fail to adhere to your plan. If you find a group of people AKA your TRIBE, you can always feel confident and comfortable to ask questions and bounce ideas around.
Whether you're just starting to make positive changes in your diet, exercise routine, life, career or relationship, you will inevitably come in contact with haters, naysayers, and people who want to put you down. You can be in your own little world and people will go out of their way to comment on your new lifestyle. Sadly, many people have tried and failed to accomplish what you are trying to do. For those people, seeing you fail will make them feel better about themselves, because it allows them to rationalize their own failures. Instead of trying to identify what they could improve upon in themselves, they would rather have the satisfaction of knowing that someone else couldn't do it either.
People who are insecure are generally afraid of change, even if that change doesn't directly affect them. Someone doing better for themselves will make an insecure person feel worse about their own situation. Why dwell on what other people are doing? Start to live your life for you and you will start to see the amazing results come out of your diligence to be better !

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