Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Don't be all or nothing !

Don't fall into the all or nothing trap! Dedication to achieve a specific goal is one thing but a chronic yo yo diet and fitness regimen can leave your body guessing what is next. It takes discipline, trusting and believing in yourself, and not letting others negatively influence your decisions. It also takes courage, strength, determination but ultimately a lot of self-worth. There will be days that you feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders. You will have moments of self doubt that you need to regain composure for and most of all there will be the days you ask yourself "why"?
That initial drive and motivation to work on a goal is not only contagious but it makes you excited for working towards yourself again. The biggest pitfall I see is starting off so strong that motivation is short lived when results are not as fast as you wish them to be. This is sadly known as the "ALL or NOTHING trap", It means you are all in or all out but there is nothing in-between the two extremes.
What happens is that you start this vicious cycle of doing really well for a few weeks then falling off the wagon hard for a week or two only to find yourself feeling more and more defeated each time you start. What do I recommend to you? Stay consistent in everything you do. Believe me when I say I would rather have a client that is doing 80% right most of the time vs. someone that is doing 100% right once in a while but has more cheat meals than good ones.
In reality, slow and steady progress is the best for keeping off weight and creating a healthy relationship with food. If you have a goal make sure you have mini goals along the way to keep you motivated and excited to keep moving forward. When people start working with me they are surprised to find out that I would only suggest 2-3 times a week. For the reason that it is already doing MORE than what you are currently doing. If I told you to go from zero training to 4 days not only is that physically demanding but the chances you are going to continue this pattern is minimal. I always encourage you to start small, I am almost guaranteeing you to achieve your weekly workout goals.
If you are getting ready to start a new fitness program, keep this in mind:
-Start slow and don't take on too much too soon.
-Set realistic goals so you can set yourself up for success.
-Weight goals are not realistic, choose a physical goal.
-Take it one meal, one workout and one day at a time.
-If you have 30 min to workout, DO IT. All efforts add up!
At the end of the day, your goals can be the driving force or the reason you stop. If you want to have long term success, think about hiring a trainer to get you there. Having someone to keep you accountable is not only a great strategy but it can maybe change your life for good !
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