Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Be the LEADER !

The resoluters are coming! No in all seriousness, for everyone starting a new fitness program, CONGRATS! You are taking the step into a brand new territory of health and longevity of bringing years back to your life. The new year is a time for many people to start fresh and to get into a habit and routine of going the gym, eating healthy and living a more active life.

On one hand, having a pack gym with high energy and motivating people is totally contagious. On the other hand, the gym is full of beginners who may need to learn the gym etiquette and those of us who have been going to the gym regularly need to keep ourselves in check.

First off, take a chill pill. Go into the gym with an attitude that you can be a role model for someone in the gym. Yes they are watching what you do and copying you is a sincere form of flattery. The best thing you can do when you are feeling a bit stressed out is just take a big deep breath.

Step two is to have a plan and then a back up plan. If you know that gym might be packed, then you should also have a plan if what you want to do is not going to happen. Even if you need to do something different, this can help you get out of a training rut and kick it into a new fitness gear.
Plan for a longer workout. Not because you need to do more, it's because it's going to be busier than usual and you might need to wait for some equipment. This will keep you from getting frustrated if someone is using what you need.

One of my biggest pieces of advice is to be a mentor. Sure there might be new people and they might not know how to work the machine or do an exercise properly BUT, you can be the friendly voice to help them out.
Don't panic because the gym flow will be back to normal in a few weeks. As much as we love having a lot of new people, those who are committed will stay and others will most likely go back to their old ways.

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