Sunday, January 22, 2017

Are you part of the TRIBE

Your legacy is what you should be concerned about.

There are three things to consider about your life when you are not in the presence of others.

1- Did you make a positive impact on people in which they say good things about you?

2- Did you make a negative impact in which people talk about with negativity?

3- Did you leave no impact on those around you, in which no one even remembers who you are?

Think about how you want others to view you and your life. Make a positive impact on those around you. Stamp your mark on the world that people gravitate towards your energy.

Surround yourself with like minded people. I want to build a community for strong people mentally and physically. A place that people have the knowledge and education to value thier life as it is today and an eagerness to want to be better.

For me my passion seeps out of me ever day. I take pride in helping people over come obstacles and I cherish every small success along the way.

If you read all of this, thank you, because I know you are one of the strong members of my #tribe.

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