Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Are you a beginner with nutrition?

Being a beginner to nutrition is sometimes way overwhelming. I forget myself, since I have been counting calories/macros/ meal plans a LONG time, that beginners should get some sound advice.
I want to give you some of the best dieting tips that I found out along the way!
-If you can ask yourself just one question it should be this: Can I do this "diet" for the rest of my life?" Many times fad diets come and go for a reason. Yes you will lose weight on them. If you are eliminating food groups you are also cutting calories. You will lose weight but what happens when your "30 day diet" is over? The weight will come back and you will be at the beginning again wondering why it didn't work for you. Choose something that you can adhere to for your lifetime. If paleo works for you, do it. If you like intermittent fasting, stick with that. No mater what the nutrition plan you are using, if you can stick to it, it will work!
Enjoy your meal
-Foods that are healthy do not have to be boring. If you don't like the food you are eating why are you eating it? You can spice up your foods by using spices, seasonings and by getting creative with your meals. Have your favorite foods you like prepared but WITHOUT seasonings. This is my backbone for meal prep. I don't season them so I can put the spices on later for what I want to make!
Measure portions
-I know that measuring, weighing, and tracking your food seems very tedious, but in the beginning you should learn to practice this. A tablespoon of peanut butter can easily turn into 2-3 tablespoons if you are not careful! These calories can add up fast and you might not even realize that you are consuming that many more calories.
Keep it simple
-It's as easy as that. Make one good decision at a time. If you have a meal and you didn't choose as healthy as you should have, leave it at that meal. Try to make one or two healthy changes per week. If you like soda, try to cut that out. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure that you curb that sugar craving with something healthy and sweet like greek yogurt or fruit.
Practice patience
-Although you might be feeling like you are not getting anywhere fast, you are! One small change each day will add up over time. You need to practice being patient and waiting for your body to change. The scale might not show you the best representation of your progress so make sure you take photos each week.
Everyone can use the above tips and tricks, I know even for myself, sometimes I fall off the wagon as well. I end up eating too much of peanut butter and then I need to have a gut check on what my goals are. If you have a goal in mind, eating healthy is never a chore, its easy because you know its worth something more!

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