Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 .. New Year, BIG goals, same me !

Happy New Year !! Another year is gone by but guess what?? Today is day 1 of 365 of greatness!

I want to help shed some light and inspiration to others about training and really doing what I do best, and that is to train people. I want people to know that anything they want to accomplish is possible. From the simple things of walking down stairs or picking up something off the ground to training for a sport or fitness competition.

All possibilities are endless if you are willing to work. I want to share my personal fitness journey. I am getting ready for a show in 15 weeks for NPC Figure. I am being 100% transparent and I want you to follow, ask questions and even if you want, inquire about coaching for yourself. No goal is too big or broad to reach !

Follow me on IG @bfit_sara for all my progress photos and on SnapChat burda18

Let me know what you want to know, learn or see !

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