Monday, December 19, 2016

HIIT your best workout!

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training. Why should you do it? For starters, it's fast, effective, and burns more calories than traditional cardio. Did I get your attention yet? More calories burned in less time! What to know how? Read on!
HIIT- high-intensity effort for short intervals followed by lower intensity activity or rest. This is then repeated - usually for a specific and pre-determined number of rounds.
Sprinting – 100-meter sprint followed a period of rest until your heart rate comes down into a normal zone.
Jumping Rope – 30 seconds of all out jump roping followed by 30 seconds of rest
Machine Rowing – 30 seconds of maximal rowing followed by 60-90 seconds of slower, low-intensity rowing
Now, you might get HIIT confused with "hard" training. There is a huge difference on the demands HIIT places on your central nervous system. So what is NOT HIIT but it is considered volume training.
-100 Burpees for time
-Box jumps or plyometric exercises for a determined amount of time.
-A list of ten or more exercises super-setted together in a circuit.
Even though all those things are great to get and keep your heart rate up, you are missing out on the critical benefits of real HIIT training. So what does HIIT do for you?
-Increased conditioning with a strong carryover to sports, other activities and everyday life.
-Decreased body fat
-Increased calorie burn
-Creates a challenge for your training.
-Short workout duration normally lasting 8-20 min max.
Start off with one HIIT session a week and gradually build up. Your body needs to learn how to recover properly and adapt to this new training stimulus. Some people can recover fast and do multiple HIIT sessions a week, while others might need every other week. This all depends on you and your conditioning/ recovery rate.HIIT is effective and efficient. Almost any movement can be done in HIIT fashion and quite often no equipment is needed.
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