Friday, December 9, 2016

Turn I can't to I won't ... it might change how you think of things !

We all feel it at some point in our lives. As a trainer and coach I see some of the hardest struggle. I see struggle mentally, physically and emotionally. Sometimes I feel more like a therapist than an actual personal trainer but that is also the best part of my job.
Struggling can be a number of things but the best thing to do is face it head on. We all have that internal struggle of something in our lives that we need to control and you should embrace it and make peace with whatever is bringing you down.But how do you know what your struggling about?
To me struggling means a number of things. When I am working hard to achieve something and I feel like I am falling short that always sends the violins out for me. For you it may be losing that last 10 pounds and sticking to a fitness/ diet program. Whatever you are facing that almost feels impossible, just know that others have and are going through that too!
To be very clear, the struggle is always real. No matter if its small or big you will have to overcome a hardship at some point in your life. But let me ask you this, what are you really struggling with? When it comes to health and fitness, diet is the most common issue people struggle with is food. This is a common issue both overeating and under eating that I see people with daily. Food is a driving force when it comes to many social events not just eating to survive.
Think about it this way, your body was meant to perform and live. IF you see food as entertainment and social hour, you feel it's unacceptable to say no. Here's a scenario, your a party and there are some healthy foods and then there are the cookies, cakes and sweets. Everyone is eating off that plate yet your struggling with yourself and finally just give in. You could just do this, look at the table, find your healthy options and decide that your goals are far more important than a brownie !
What I am really saying, is do not give yourself the choice to question things. Have a plan, stick to it and keep your mind focuses. If you don't give yourself an option then you won't have to compromise with yourself to make a choice. The struggle is then not with the thing you are struggling with, the struggle is with the struggle itself. So eliminate the struggle by not introducing another option in the first place.
Here is your plan of action. Identify your struggle. Make small changes that will help your overcome that struggle. Surround yourself with a professional that can help you overcome that struggle. Allow others to help you overcome anything you might need to work on and be gracious with yourself!
Changes don't happen overnight but one small change a day leads to a lifestyle change in the long run!

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