Wednesday, December 14, 2016

No more excuses !

Eating healthy is too expensive, sorry but I am not going to give you that excuse today! Eating healthy on a budget just takes planning. Even though the frozen and canned foods are good options if your in a pinch, the healthy fresh foods is what you should be really looking at to buy. The longer a canned product is on the shelf, the more the nutritional value is decreased. So how can you shop, prep, and save on a budget? Keep reading !!
First, look at your pantry and whats in your fridge before you go. Take inventory and make sure you look at the expiration date. A good tips is to plan your meal around what is going to expire first and get the food used before you need to throw it away!
When you are buying fresh foods, only buy what you will need. Do not try to buy in excess because you might waste it. If you are tempted by lower-cost bulk foods or items at warehouse clubs, remember you are saving money only if you can use it before it goes bad. Sometimes there are programs that have a bulk food box, try to split that with a friend so you are not wasting your produce.
Make your meals fast and easy. Do you know why people go to fast food places ? Because its fast and convenient. You can do the same exact thing with your food choices as well. It just takes some planning. Have your meats cooked and prepared for the week. Make a few side dishes that you can mix and match. Have your food prepped in containers if you know you are going to be out and about and needs something fast when you come home.
You can also use the slow method and cook your meal while your at work in a crock pot or slow cooker. Its as simple as putting in some chicken, 1/2 jar of salsa, taco seasoning and keep it on low. Boom come home and you have salsa shredded chicken ready to go!
Last but not least, if you have left over foods, make them into something new. Here are some ideas:
1.Use your stale bread for croutons or as the base of an egg strata.
2. Repurpose vegetable scraps to make a stock.
3. Freeze extra fruit for a smoothie.
4. Wash, cut and dry extra vegetables and freeze them in a zip-top plastic bag.
5. Donate extra canned / boxed food to food banks.
When you are shopping, pick up high-quality frozen meals, frozen veggies and fruits as well as canned produce, fish and chicken. Try not to over buy fresh foods unless you can eat them and plan out your meals ahead of time for an easy week of meals !

Need hlelp with your nutrition program? Let me know and I can get you started to a healthier and happy new you! 

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