Tuesday, December 27, 2016


We are right in the middle of that Holiday grind. You know the time of year that is right before Thanksgiving and ALL of December and then tinkers into the New Year. Many people even start right at Halloween. There's party after party and a routine is far beyond gone. Why is this considered "normal' for people? Why don't you want to stick to your goals, make healthy choices, enjoy the holiday with balance and then start 2017 off already with a good routine?
Did you know the average American gains 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. What happens is that every time someone has sweets, treats or drinks you feel the need to jump right in this "one time" and then that repeats itself for a few months. Don't be a resolution person, make changes today and continue into the new year!
Let me help you reach your goals BEFORE you lose sight of your goals. I know that the New Year is right around the corner but why not commit to changing your life today? Let me take you through 8 weeks of training and nutrition to reach your ultimate goals and get you on a path that will lead into a successful 2017 !
You might be asking, is this even what I need ? Well here is your answer! Let's examine how your body feels right now at this moment.
-Are you feeling heavy, lacking energy, losing motivation, have increasing headaches and need for caffeine, poor digestion (bloating, gas , non consistent bowel movements), increased allergies, starting to feel sick with a diminished immune system (e.g., frequent colds, or the inability to kick a cold), depression or anxiety, you do not have to settle for this feeling! It is not the norm and I can help.
-Are you "eating" healthy but not losing weight ? Most of us think that we lead a healthy life. And for the most part you might be. But we cannot help the fact that we are exposed to toxins on a daily basis. You are inhaling, digesting, and even absorbing things through your skin. Your body takes a beating everyday and finding a way to "detox" is what you might need. All that toxic build up creates damage and possibly extra weight.
-Oh your planning on hitting it hard in 2017? What is wrong with starting now? Change your commitment date to today. If you continue to follow this pattern of unhealthy behaviors, why do you think a flip will switch come January 1?
By starting with my 8 week program you have a chance to change your mindset plus all of these things:
• An improved sense of energy and vitality
• Eat for heath and weight loss will follow
• A restored balance to the mind and nervous system
• Greater clarity mentally, spiritually and emotionally
• Reduction in cravings
• Improved mood, reduced anxiety, depression and stress
• A loss of five to 10 pounds of inflammation and toxins
Did you know that 80 % of what you look like is what you eat? That is scary looking back on what the past few months might have looked like for you. Leave the yo-yo dieting in the past. This is not an all or nothing approach to life. This is simply learning how to be the best possible version of you today. Mistakes and slip ups happen but that doesn't mean you throw that all away and give up. Transforming your mind and body needs to be enjoyable, satisfying, uplifting and freeing!
If you are even thinking about this change, contact me at burdafitness@gmail.com and I will give you three tips on how to make small changes even if you don't want to start 8 weeks with me! Your success is that worth it to me that I can guarantee you changes if you follow my plan!

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