Monday, December 12, 2016

Losing weight,don't let your progress stall!

Why am I not losing weight? I am eating right, doing exercise, I am even doing cardio!!! What is going on?
Does this sound familiar? This is my normal dialogue to myself. Lately I have been doing a lot of research on how my body responds to training, nutrition and stress. Yes stress is a major factor in your weight loss journey. Somewhat frustrating that you may or may not have control over your ability to lose weight, but I am here to help you on your fitness journey!
Stress, like mentioned above, is a major factor in your ability to lose weight. Cortisol is a stress hormone that releases hormones to your flight or fight response. Keeping your cortisol levels under control might be easier said than done but you need to pay attention to it. Make sure your surrounding your life with people who make you strive to be better. Do daily meditation and practice positive affirmations.
Ask yourself, are you getting enough sleep? I am 100 % guilty of this. I don't get enough sleep which can be a huge factor in my ability to lose weight. Sleep helps recharge your body and reduces cortisol levels. Lack of sleep can also lead to excess eating. Just like how dehydration can be misconstrued as feeling hungry, being sleepy can do the same thing. Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
Are you drinking enough water? Your body is made up of 60% water. Dehydration leads to bloating !!!! Your liver regulates your fat metabolism and if it is working overtime flushing toxins it won’t be able to focus on your metabolism. Aim for ¾ of a gallon a day. Having a hard time getting in plain water? Add fresh fruit, lemon or cucumbers to your water.
Your gut health should be a priority. If your gut doesn’t have the right bacteria/flora, you can experience horrible digestion, gas, bloating and a wide array of sicknesses. Proper digestion will lead to better assimilation of nutrients and therefore helping shed belly fat. If your body can't digest properly it won't rid your body of the waste it needs to. This can lead to bloat and belly fat nothing that is appealing ! Make sure to take a probiotic daily and get enough fiber in your diet !
Speaking of fiber, make sure your eating enough of it ! WHY? It helps your digestion! Eat tons of veggies. Vegetables of all types and colors. The more you can load your plate with “greens” the faster you will shed belly fat. Sneak fiber in your smoothies or baked goods. Adding a handful of kale or spinach to your smoothie or is a simple way to add fiber to your diet. Fiber keeps you full which is what everyone wants to feel! Full and not deprived.
Last but not least, sugar is sugar. Natural or artificial it's still sugar and has the exact same effect. While sugar gives you an initial rush of energy, it will then give you a huge dip in your energy levels. It is also a non-nutrient that many diseases feed off of. If you find yourself getting the "low or no sugar" options you might be creating a bad habit that will be hard to get rid of !
Take these tips and use them in your daily routine. Pick one to work on and when you master that, add in another! As always if you need help or guidance, message me !

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