Sunday, December 11, 2016

HIIT Sunday in the face ... LOL

Many of my days training during the week are very structured. Sunday's are my fun days  for training what I want to train and just enjoy the process. I somehow come up with some crazy circuit training workouts that are great for people short on time and need a total body workout!

Below is the written workout of what I did, the videos will be posted on my IG all day today so stay tuned to @bfit_sara for the videos :)

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Total Body Circuit Training

Each circuit is 45 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest and 3 total rounds. Rest 2 minutes between rounds!

Circuit #1 x 3 rounds 

-Side lunge with overhead pres
-Squat with DB bicep curls
-Mt. Climbers to side of the bosu ball 

Circuit #2 x 3 rounds 

-Narrow stiff leg DL into wide stiff leg DL
-Renegade Rows 
-Bosu pop squat 

Circuit #3 x 3 rounds 

-Front squat to tricep extension 
-Super Slam ball
-Plank climbers on bosu ball 

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