Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Drop you excuses !

I want to talk a little about excuses. With the new year arriving, I feel this week is a chance for me to really talk to you about the correlation between exercise and why you may be the "yo-yo" fitness person.
In my profession, excuses are so common that i wish I had a dollar every time a client canceled on a session or had some reason as to why they just could not stick to the plan. While I know that every now and then it's understandable, it’s also an excuse. If you already feel like you can agree with some of what I am saying, stick around and read a little more. You might be surprised at what I am going to say.
Henry Ford’s famous quote, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” It's about your own belief that matters for all the decisions you make. As a trainer, I have come to the hard truth that not everyone wants to hear what I have to say and may not even care. It’s important for trainers, teachers, therapists, and generous hearts from all walks of life to spot chronic excuse makers, so we don’t waste our efforts on someone who has no intention of changing. Sorry but that is a hard pill truth to swallow.
Some people have learned to use excuses as a way to get attention therefore they are energy suckers. Unfortunately, this energy is wasted, like putting gas in a car that has no engine, because the person has no real desire to change. This leaves the giver depleted and the receiver right where they were,in a bed of excuses.
Are you living a life full of excuses? Have you ever caught yourself making excuses when things don’t turn out as you had expected? Have you ever neglected taking responsibility for the events and circumstances of your life? Or have you ever tried to explain away why you didn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t or simply wouldn’t do something? These are all subtle signs that indicate you are living a life of excuses, which prevent you from living to your full potential.
Main reasons why excuses happen:
Fear of Failure
Fear of Embarrassment
Fear of Success
Fear of Change
Fear of Uncertainty
Fear of Responsibility
Fear of Making Mistakes
Sound familiar? If you want to get rid of excuses you need to get rid of your fear.Fear traps and locks us away within our comfort zone. Yet fear often develops as a result of a lack of understanding, information, resources, experience or perspective. If you lack all these things, you will naturally lack confidence, and as a result you will fail to take the action necessary to achieve your goals and objectives.
Excuses prevent you from reaching your full potential, but they will also hold you back from recognizing opportunities, talents and skills you might have, to help you overcome your problems.Try to keep this in mind as the new year rolls around!

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