Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Drink up !

Healthy Cocktails! It's the holiday's and there are many parties going on. Don't try to fool the person next to you thinking that you don't enjoy a cocktail here and there. You don't have to say no to everything but you can swap out those drinks for some healthier cocktail options and some tricks to beat the holiday fluff !

-Give yourself a limit. Maybe one or possibly two. Yes it might be difficult when you are around other people who may be drinking more but, no one likes that person who fell off the deep end at a party.Drinking inhibits your ability to think clearly about situations that you would can easily redirect. Food choices also start to move more to taste rather than health and your night out might turn into a weekend of indulgence. Leave an impression and make it a a good one at that.

-Sip slowly and leave the shots for the bar. Make your drink last as long as possible because the fewer drinks you have, the fewer calories your body has to process. You will not only feel better the next day but you will not go overboard.

-Avoid the specialty cocktails and fruity drinks. Mixers can easily double or triple the amount of calories per drink. Stick to soda, water or a splash of lime juice. Want a calorie free cocktail hack? Ask for vodka and water and add MIO to it ! Boom you now made a drink that you can enjoy!

-Make it a double, no not a double alcoholic beverage, ask for a water to go with every cocktail you have. This will not only keep you from being dehydrated, but will also make your drink last while appeasing your oral fixation.

-Eat before you go and don't stand next to the snack table. Drunk munchies are real! You know when you drink a salad looks so appetizing right? NO! Keep in mind that your system has to process all the alcohol before food, so any excess of calories might get stored instead of being burned !

Follow these simple tips and you won't see your waist size double during the holiday season! 

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