Thursday, December 8, 2016

Don't Train Like a Girl!

If your a female, listen up! There are so many misconceptions that we encounter every day when we are bombarded by fitness advice. Some of it is so far from the truth that you can be stalling your own efforts because you believe the false things companies are claiming. I want to touch on a few that I hear so often that I you might have believed at one point, but don't worry, i am here to set it straight.
I ate a salad that is considered a "good" food but that donut I ate was a "bad" food. Let's get this straight, a calorie is a calorie and your body only see macro nutrients ( protein, carbs and fats). For you to think that your body knows what a good food vs a bad food is. it just doesn't work that way. There is a such thing as food quality and you should take that into consideration. Food quality means it will do something for your body and provide nutrients. While a donut is carbs and fats thats ok as long as your not over your macro-nutrients for the day!
I don't want to lift to heavy and look like a man. Goodness, can we lay this one to rest. You will NOT look like a man if you lift weights. In fact, you will have more curves than you know what to do with. Your body doesn't make enough testosterone to get big and bulky unless you are using a supplement that has a testosterone boost in it. Chances are, your not and you will not get huge like the hulk!
I'm a girl, so I should train like one. What does that even mean? You should train like a girl, does that mean you shouldn't lift? Girls and guys should train the same way. There is no difference in what exercises your doing. Train hard, lift weights and enjoy the muscle building process.
Stop the low carb and low fat theory. Did you know that fat doesn't make you fat? Fats are essential for your hormones to function properly. You need to have no lower than 35-40g of fat per day. Same with the lower carb theory, you are instantly eliminating your body’s favorite source of fuel.It is recommended that you eat 45-65% of total calorie consumption come from carbohydrates for those who train (weightlifting and/or cardio) regularly.
Cardio, yes it's important and it's a TOOL not the reason for your workout. Cardio keeps you fit through cardiovascular conditioning. The body enjoys this system called progressive overload, where you continuously increase some variable of your workout.It’s a lot easier to manipulate the variables involved in resistance training. You can increase the weight, the reps, or change the tempo in which you lift the weight. It can also cut down on the total amount of time you spend working out, so you can have more time to enjoy YOUR life.
Take some creatine. Creatine can assist women in achieving their resistance training goals. It can help you increase the amount of work you’re capable of doing in the gym. This leads to more calories burned, and depending on how you’re eating can indirectly lead to a greater amount of fat loss.
Last but not least is the protein issue ! If you are not eating enough protein you need to take that into extreme consideration! Your body needs the amino acids from protein to repair and rebuild muscles. Don't fear protein choices such as fish, lean meats like chicken and turkey, and beef on occasion. Consume a protein powder shake post workout to get the fuel to your muscles ASAP!
If you want to be lean, the keys to success are simple:
Resistance train with an appropriate program that incorporates both cardio and weightlifting.
Eat a balanced diet that will prime you for your workouts and assist you with your goals.
Supplement appropriately to fill gaps in your nutrition and allow you to train with the focus you need to fuel results.
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