Thursday, December 22, 2016

Big goals means BIG movements !

What do you want? What are your personal goals? What do you need to get there ??
These are the first few questions I ask my clients /athletes when they contact me. There are so many variables that you need to think of when starting a plan. For instance, do you want to build muscle? Do you want to lose weight? Do you care about body composition or do you want to train for performance.
All these things are important to consider when a trainer is creating a program for you to implement. One thing that is consistent across the board in ANY realm of training is getting functional. Moving your body through space and learning how to control your own body weight is critical to your health and well being. In any fitness program you should see some common things that reoccur in your training program.
Every athlete, bodybuilder, and common person wanting a better quality of life could benefit from incorporating some form of strongman training in their routine. Why? It engages your entire body’s muscularity, focuses on strength production by the entire body as one unit and increases your core control. Adding in some training techniques to increase your muscle moving power is critical for a leaner and stronger physique.
Now lets talk about the movements that you can add into your training. Some of them you might already be doing and just didn't realize that it was a strength based movement.
-Overhead press which can be done with a barbell, dumbbells, log, keg, sandbag, axles and other odd objects. Lifting any object overhead is stimulates your core control and activates muscles you never thought you had.
-Deadlifts makes your biggest muscle work, your back, legs and core. Deadlifts make you stronger by allowing you to pull weight, and lots of it, of the ground. If you want to get stronger, use different styles of deadlifts from sumo, deficit, and even a fat bar,
-Farmer carries are a great locomotor movement that increases your grip, strengthens your core and brings on a metabolic burn. The usual piece of equipment is a long bar with handles in the middle, and weight is distributed in the front and back. Kettlebells can work just as well for general fitness strength. You can even use odd objects like a keg or sandbag to get the job done.
-Locomotor strength, which simply means move something for distance. By doing sled pushes, tire drags, pushing or pulling odd objects and even carrying them can make training fun and interesting.
By using the above concepts, you can take your training to a new level. Don't forget, strongman and heavy lifting doesn't mean its not cardiovascular. Try moving something heavy for a period of time and let me know where your heart rate is at!

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