Thursday, December 15, 2016

2017 better be ready!

Well here it is. I am putting it out there to the world that I am starting prep in Jan 2017 for my third show. I did take some time off  from competing to really "grow" not only physically but mentally as well. Competing is something very special to me. The lights, the stage and the feeling of accomplishment that I have working hard for something. I know that my time is coming and this year I am going to put it all out there !

I am around 17 weeks out from my first show this year. Not only am I starting off in a great place, but I have great people behind me in the process. I have my sponsors Outlaw Laboratory and my coach Erin Riley from Jason Phillips Fitness doing my diet. I train myself but even coaches need coaches keeping a close eye on my physique and to be support when I need it the most.

The above photos are of my competitions that were merely 6 months a part in 2014. Yes I took 2 years off to find balance and build.  My first show was a blunder of bad decisions that I can't wait to not make again. I dieted hard to meet show number 2 with an overall Figure win. Now I am sitting in an awesome position, I am strong, my body is healthy and I am ready to really give it all I got.

I hope to inspire people that just want to see the power of having a positive mindset and knowing all things are possible. I want you to continue to watch me throughout prep on IG @bfit_sara and ask me any questions that you might have!

As a coach my passion is helping people find their own passion! If you need help with your nutrition, need help with training or just need motivation to get it done, please don't hesitate to ask me !

Let's bring in 2017 together with a lot of success !

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