Wednesday, November 23, 2016

You are strong for a girl... Heck No! I am just strong !

All the strong females out there.... this one is for you !
Strong, powerful, determined women. We are the ones who will not accept defeat as an answer. We stand up for what we believe in. We lift, grunt, run, jump and sweat just like the men we compete against. And you know what? We take a lot of negative abuse from many people inside and out of the fitness community.
I want to tell you the things us, strong women, think, but maybe not say. It might be a great eye opener to those around you!
-This phrase " You're strong for a girl", can be dismissed right now. I will be the first to say that when many guys tell me this, I immediately go into defense mode. No I am just strong. Being a female has nothing to do with it. Funny thing is that I an out lift many men in the gym. So maybe you might think twice about saying that to someone who just out lifted you.
-We are tough cookies, even when we get hurt. Yeah we bleed too, and it does hurt when we pull a muscle or hit our shins off a box. Yet for some reason, we don't accept that in the moment and keep on going.We are strong and thick headed, so maybe if you see us cry, you should ask what is really going on.
-Stop comparing us to men. Ok so I can dead lift or squat the same weight as you. For me that is a HUGE accomplishment and shouldn't be diminished because you are comparing me to a guy who out squatted or deadlifted me by #10. Congrats to you but let me have my moment of victory too!
-We are still women. Even though we lift, grunt and roll around on the ground, don't make fun of our cute outfits. It's nice to feel pretty too. And so what if I show up and everything matches ( including my knee sleeves lol). If I look put together everything else falls into place! It's science.
-Encourage me but don't put me down. I find so many places that use negative reinforcement for coaching. Sorry, that just makes us angry and we usually shut down. Some people might like that kind of feedback, personally I just need a head nod that says I know you got this and watch me lift and succeed !
-If I fail at a lift it is not the end of the world. Don't try to sugar coat it. I missed the lift, there is always another try. Getting mad at missing a lift is like tripping on the sidewalk. It happens sometimes, it's embarrassing for the moment and we get over it.
-Hey buddy, my eyes are up here !! Ever wonder why I don't wear shorts to the gym? OH HELLO GLUTES.. I don't want to give people a reason to be staring there so I cover it up. Also because I believe that I am "building" a masterpiece and seeing myself daily causes me to over think it. Nope hoodies and pants are my friends!
Let’s celebrate the fact that we are strong women and we lift each other up ! Stay strong my fitness friends and keep lifting !

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