Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Time.. We all can use more !!

Productivity is important for everyone. You need to figure out a great work/ life balance plus a few fun hobbies on the side. It's called balance. Sure life is full of surprises that can interfere with your balance every once in a while but I have some tips to be more productive with your time every day to allow you to have some more time to do the things you truly enjoy.

Create a routine. Your life needs it! Learn to create a simple routine for yourself. This might mean you wake up at the same time, you go to sleep around the same time every day and you have scheduled time for rest and relaxation. Overworking or under working during your day can affect all the things you want to accomplish.

Become a fan of making a list. Start your day with your "tasks" that need to be accomplished. Try to organize them with the largest tasks that need to be done FIRST at the top and the ones that you might be able to slide over to another time at the bottom. Seeing that your list is being checked off is important for continual movement forward.

If you have a conflict, resolve it fast. There is nothing worse than knowing you have to make a phone call or write an email to someone regarding an uncomfortable situation. Choose to just get it over with. My friend told me that uncomfortable situation are just like the WOD Fran ( if you are a Crossfitter you know what I am talking about ) It hurts real bad and it's super fast. Then its over and done with.

Limit distractions for a period of time and dedicate yourself to your work. Once you have a few things off your checklist, then you can have a 15 min break to unwind and detach from your work. When it’s time to finish a task, take a few moments to put your phone on silent, turn off any other notifications, and close the email tab in your browser and GET TO WORK!

Most of all focus some attention on YOU.Get enough sleep, exercise a few times a week, get some fresh air, eat healthy food, meditate about the meaning of life, talk to your plants, or sing a song to your fish… whatever it takes to nurture your body, mind, and emotional health is important and necessary.

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