Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The KEY to performance training is simple !

Oh my goodness, did you know this? I bet you did but you ignore that it's critical! Do you know what that is? SLEEP.
Sleep is most likely the limiting factor that people face when trying to lose weight. Besides tracking your food intake, tracking your sleep is great knowledge. Are you getting over or under 7 hours of quality sleep? When we don’t sleep enough, good food choices become difficult from both a psychological and physiological standpoint.
Two of the biggest factors for weight loss are portion control and having set meal times. This becomes increasingly difficult when we need to eat more to be full and we are less satisfied with meals. This leads to more snacking, and since we are tired, the decision to snack becomes easier.
Why is getting enough sleep important? When you lack sleep, your communication from your brain to your gut is disturbed, and this leads into other hormones misfiring. Long term sleep deprivation makes these problems even worse.There are physiological changes in your body when you don't get enough sleep.
Why do we see it as "better" when you work more and sleep less? This is quite the contrary to what many people believe to be true. Drinking XL coffee to stay awake or even taking pills to keep your energy levels up are just messing with your hormone balance.
You will be more productive and much happier if you get seven hours of sleep or more. Being tired and having no energy becomes the new normal for many of us, until we break out of it. With a happier attitude, more productivity, and normalized hunger levels, making changes to your diet will be much more attainable. There are several important changes you can try.
-Change your routine. Get your sleep schedule under control by making sure you get a quality 7 hours of sleep or more per night. Try to track you sleep for more than a week and then you can start to see an average of how much you are getting.
-Take magnesium at night time. It will calm you down to help you go to sleep. Melatonin would be the next supplement to try. Perhaps once you get in the routine of sleeping better, you may not need a supplement anymore.
Get more sleep, get better results. It has to be consistent and in the right amounts. You can't expect to perform like a machine if your body is worn down and tired all the time !

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