Monday, November 21, 2016

The Garage Gym

Should you invest in a home gym? Now more than ever places are offering home gym packages that deliver at your doorstep! Fitness facilities offering 24/7 access with all the fancy equipment and fitness classes. But before you go out there and just buy a home gym, you should keep the following points in consideration.
A home gym can offer convenience, freedom of training time, and personal space but here are some other things to keep in mind.
Where are you going to put it?
How much equipment do I really need?
Will I realistically commit to a strict training schedule?
How will I manage motivation?
Read the last one again. How will YOU manage motivation when its right at home? Can you workout at home? Does that even appeal to you? First thing first, try working out at home just one time. IF it is hard to find motivation to do or you didn't like working out alone, then a home gym is not for you. Getting a home gym does not mean you will use it, it just means you have it there.
BUT if you did enjoy working out from home, here are more of the pros about having a home gym.
Convenience: A home gym provides the ultimate feature of convenience. No driving to the gym, fighting through traffic, or even contemplating making the trip.
Always open: Think of your home gym as a 24-hour facility. No opening and closing hours, no holidays, no exceptions.

Freedom: Aside from practicing good form, technique and sanitary habits in your home gym are yours to do as you will. Want to train barefooted, stand on a bench, or let out your guttural call during a set of deadlifts? Nobody's going to stop you.
No wait: Super setting, giant setting, or any other form of circuit training doesn't go over well in a regular gym. At your house it's your rules!
Music: You can choose your music for motivation, enough said :)
However, there are some setbacks to having a home gym that you can maneuver through if you are willing to stay on track.
Potential motivational challenge: For those of you who aren’t very self-motivated, this can become a challenge after a while. Can you be consistent if you don't have to pay to go somewhere?
Upfront price: Depending on budget and how well-equipped you want your gym to be, some pieces can be a bit pricey and you do need space for it.
It’s still home: Some look to a gym as an escape; a short breather between work and home to de-stress and unwind. Being at home can remove that chance to get away a while.
No escape: Home distractions can lead to lack of productivity. Answering calls, helping your family, or your kid's need for attention can make you feel a bit guilty for taking time out to train at home.
Lack of equipment: Unless you know what you want and are willing to pay the price for it, settling for less than what is desirable for a good training session is not worth it, Know what you need at home to get in a good workout.
Building a home gym just might be what you need to improve your training and be your own fitness boss. Long gone are the days of waiting for equipment but make sure this is something you want to have and not just a reason to find motivation. Plan out what you will need and create a place you love in the convenience of your home.

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