Saturday, November 5, 2016

Stages of Grief!

Well hey there !

If you are new to my blog, you might want to check out my IG @bfit_sara  to see what I have been up to. If you have been following me for a while thanks for reading some of this and my next goal is to start filming it for YouTube so I can really show you what my life is like!

 Let me first off tell you that this month has been slightly challenging to say the least. I was let go from my job, no other job lined up and left feeling a bit inadequate and heart broken. Well just like anything in life you go through some phases of grief when things happen. Below is a picture of how I felt.

Let me break this down a bit. I am a 100% type A perfectionist mentality. First off I don't do well with confrontation or failure. So you can see that this was a bit of an ego check right to the gut.

Denial- At first you simply don't feel. You don't know how to even respond other than OK and walk away. Life just seems to go by without any meaning and you just feel lost. Lost and empty. Like a breakup except in my case I felt like I broke up with all the members at the box at once. Talk about a sad moment.

Anger- Ok then I was pissed at myself. I tried to ask myself  what could have done more or less of. I challenged my character and then started to question my reason for loving to train. And not just my passion for training others, but why I was even training myself! Right there, was a HUGE moment of why do I do what I do?

Bargaining- Opportunities come and go but then you start to rationalize with yourself things that you would never even consider. I was trying to fill a void fast and I was more than anxious to just get my life back to normal. However you can't rush the plan God has made for you!!

Depression- Well might not be a shocker to many but yes depression happens to all of us. I am overly OCD and depression comes along with that. I am 100% confident enough to say that yes I do suffer from anxiety and depression and I will not stand from talking about it because well it's real life. 

Acceptance- Once I finally sat down, thought about my life, where I want it to be and prayed a lot. I finally accepted the fact that I was put on this earth for a bigger life purpose. I want to help others and in a way that I can challenge myself and grow into a career. 

Ok so now what? I feel like I went through a month of re-evaluating my life, which I did! I am glad that things happen for a reason in life. No I did not fail, I was given an opportunity to succeed. Failure means I didn't even try. I did the best I can do and now life presented an opportunity to grow into something more. You have to look past the darkness to find the light.

Moving into a new stage of your life is always hard but you can embrace that change for the better and do something really cool. If you truly care about people, your life journey will unfold in the most beautiful way ! 

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