Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Self Talk Matters

The way you speak to yourself, inside your own head, can have a huge impact on your results and desire for fitness. The way you speak to yourself and how you write can influence everything you do.Our own self-talk can predict our success. Here's an example for you:
"I want to workout because i want to be healthy" OR
" I am so fat that working out doesn't even matter"
You see, looking at both of those statements have 2 very different impacts on your feelings. Changing your language with “should” or even “could have” create healthy self talk into your daily activities. "Could" creates a world of opportunity for yourself that you never thought you can accomplish. You can choose to do something for yourself but the word should starts to leave room for people to break that wall down. "Should” puts the desired task into someone else's hands.“Choose” places you in the control of the situation and compels your mind to address it now, not in some distant future.
When you say you "should" do something, this is putting you at risk of allowing yourself to fail. When you say you should do something. this immediately sidesteps ownership of our own motivation. ‘Should’ declares that outside influences are more important than our own desires,
Ask yourself, how often do you say "I'll try"? Try means that you thought about it, but we all know that try means, it's probably not that important to us in the end to follow through. Instead be assertive. The alternative is “Ok, let’s do this!" OR Today is a great day to start!" Our words can determine the real mindset we bring to our goals.
Did you know that your self talk is directly related to your health and fitness? The effect of language is a huge indicator of success. It greatly affects an individual’s ability commit to a wellness program and maintain a healthy body weight, just by changing the way you speak!
What if you imagine your future self as a beautiful, content, and in the best health you can possibly imagine? What if you started to use the language of “choose” not “should?" And what if you actually started living in the present, finding joy in the little things, and feeling empowered by choosing to be fit and healthy? You would probably view the world a little differently, with a glass half full.
Live life with love and experience the beauty you possess!

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