Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Motivation !

One of my dear friend told me this quote and I will never forget it: "Never lay down in defeat unless your ready to surrender you life to the wolves. If you lay down, you are dead, stand up, walk and keep pushing forward."
We fight the mental and physical fight daily. You need to learn to fight for mental dominance in all situations in your life. You may not realize it but you are trying to dominate work, life, social event, and family. Your mental game is half the battle in overcoming life's great obstacles. You have 2 choices: be dominant or submissive. You are either the ALPHA and control the situation or you allow the situation to control you. That choice is up to you!
How do you train your mental game ?You have to be prepared, well-trained, and well rehearsed. Being prepared means getting to the point where you can forget about all the preparation you've done, because you trust that it's done. You can do all the training in the world, but if it doesn’t translate into trust and confidence in yourself, you're never going to be able to relax and fully commit.
Do not place yourself in an inferior position. Most people play not to lose. If you go into life, work, or even a game with that mindset, your saying "its ok if I do lose". No the expectation should be that you are going in to win and that is all. Put that pressure on yourself. Winning in life is putting in 100% effort in all you do. Winning in a relationship is showing empathy and support for your companion. In a game/competition, walk in there like you already won. If you don't really believe something's possible, how are you going to make it happen?
Set your intention. Your mind can find ways to succeed that it wouldn’t if it were even the slightest bit unsure of itself. And like preparation, your intention has to have meaning that you can't seem to get it off your mind. You need to trust yourself that you did your job to prepare. Because the final and possibly most important ingredient here is the ability to clear your mind of contents and let go into an inspired performance.

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