Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Meal planning 101!

Meal planning for beginners ! Yes you finally made the decision to make eating healthy a priority in your life. Sometimes that does take some time to get everything you need set up! One of my favorite things I have learned to do is cook in bulk. Now if you are like me and can eat the same foods daily, this is a great option. However many of you don't like to repeat things every day and need variety. Good news is the same chicken you had for lunch can be recreated in so many ways. Let me show you how!
First step is to plan your meals.Do you know what you need to eat every day ? If you have a meal plan that makes life simple. If you don't have something planned, choose your dinners for each day and eat the same breakfast and lunch all week to make it easy!
Next you should cook your proteins and side dishes for the week. This might seem overwhelming and like you are cooking a Thanksgiving feast but It will be worth the effort in the long run.Check out this list to make in bulk that will keep you on track.
-hard boiled eggs
-grilled chicken
-tuna packets ( hey no cooking there )
-ground turkey
-cut up veggies and fruits
-sweet or red potatoes
-a breakfast bake for easy mornings
-peanut or nut butters
-coconut oils
Boredom happens and here are some things you can do to change it up.
-Batch cook two main proteins and freeze half of each. Freeze half of each dish for next week. That way you’ll be able to rotate between them and you won’t feel like you’re eating the same thing every day.
-Use the protein as a base but don't season it when you cook it. Allow yourself to get creative when spicing it up or making a new dish.
-Rotate different proteins and side dishes together so you can get some variety on your plate even if you’re eating the same meat.
Need more ideas ? Don't hesitate to comment below or email me at burdafitness@gmail,com for lifestyle coaching !

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