Thursday, November 3, 2016

Holiday Eating

The holiday's are right around the corner, do you have your plan of action ready to conquer the sweets?Keep your goals and vision on track when the temptations are high. You do not have to be perfect, all you need to be is consistent with what you are already doing. First you need a plan of attack on how to conquer your holiday parties.

Plan ahead for those holiday parties. There is nothing worse than going to a party, starving and eating everything in sight. If you are going to a party, have a small meal at least 45 minutes before hand. This will keep you satisfied for a little bit and you won't want to dunk your head in the water bin bobbing for apples !

Workout before you go there. Many studies show you are more likely to eat less after a workout! When we work out, we feel good and accomplished! We also feel the need to eat healthier and not undo all the hard work you just did in the gym, Funny how that works! Do a workout that taxes multiple muscle groups or large such as legs or do a HIIT workout.

Portion sizes matter ! A lot of times at parties you can just scoop your own portion. No one is weighing your food out or making sure you are staying within the meal plan guidelines. Having a handful of candy this holiday season will not hurt if you do it ONCE in a while. Now if you do it daily, YES it will add up over time. Don’t deprive yourself, or feel guilty for enjoying a small portion of a “not-so-nutritious” snack! Just be sure to get right back on track with your healthy lifestyle after the treat.

It's not all or nothing! You have to remember that you can change your eating patterns even in the middle of your meal. You don't have to continue to eat bad if you went off track one time. You can make the decision right now to change that.

Out of sight out of mind Don’t put your favorite candy in the candy bowl at your house or buy your favorite treat that you binge on! Try choosing some you don’t like so it isn’t as tempting! If this doesn’t work, don’t even have it in your house or if it’s easier make your husband or kids hide it!

The take home message from all of this is that holidays are every year on one day. You do 
not need to send your life into a frenzy yo yo cycle of eating just because there is food put in front of you. Take your time and enjoy those around you !

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