Tuesday, November 8, 2016

HIIT for the WIN !

Your fast track to weight loss may be as easy as your next sprint session ( right like sprints are easy). If you are looking for a leaner physique, mixing in sprint sessions is the way to go! Sprinting takes a lot of power to maximize your work capacity. You should take the next 5 ideas into consideration about your next sprint session!
#1- Increase your sprint capacity by doing it on an incline. It places a higher demand on your body to run on an incline thus creating more output. If you are running on an incline, shoot for 20 seconds maximum for that sprint interval.
#2- Learn how to run properly. So many people are running with bad form thus causing injuries. There are two common errors: heel striking, when you should hit mid-foot and poor hip extension which limits your stride.
#3-Sprint duration does not matter. Whether you are doing a 15 second sprint or a 30 second sprint, the adaptation in rest to work ratio does not change.
#4- Build power with short duration sprint sessions. A 1:12 ratio will help you develop better power adaptations. The faster your speed and output the more rest you should give yourself IF you are putting in maximal capacity work.
#5- For maximum caloric burn you should try to do a 1:3 ratio to produce greater endurance adaptations vs. a longer recovery.
Cardio for fat loss is not the answer to the bigger picture. A better way of looking at cardio is that it is a tool for fat loss. Fat loss really comes down to calories in versus calories out and, of course, nutrition that fuel your body, build your muscles and increases your metabolism.
Do two to four high-intensity workouts per week in conjunction with a solid strength-training program and your body will start to melt fat right off.

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