Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Eating Fats is now the "cool" thing to do!

Eating fats will not make you fat! I repeat, eating fat will not make you fat. For some time now, media put it out there that eating fat will increase your cholesterol, decrease your life expectancy and it will increase your risk of chronic disease. I am to educate you more on the healthy fats you need in your diet and how you can transition your body into a fat burning machine!
Fat is essential for your body to properly utilize your hormones for building and breaking down muscle. There is a new way of eating, that takes fats as the primary source of fuel and you minimize your carbohydrate intake causing ketosis.
Your body will always use glucose for fuel if it is available. That means if you eat a lot of carbohydrates your body will take those for fuel first. In order to enter nutritional ketosis your diet should consist of primarily fats and proteins with a limited number of carbs to deplete your glycogen levels. Once all of the glucose is depleted then your body will look to fat for energy. BOOM- Fat burning mode.If you are starting out on a lower carb ketosis diet, be very aware that you might experience mood changes, tiredness, and lack of energy for about a week.
The old advice is that you need carbohydrates in order to provide your muscles with the fuel needed to push yourself in the gym. Post workout refuel was one part that was critical for your body after exercise, can't miss the fat burning window!!!
During nutritional ketosis your body is running off fat, and fat provides a lot of energy for your body and your muscles to use. Energy is energy (ATP) if we have it, and if it is bioavailable we can use it in order to push larger amounts of weight or preform well.
Here is my take on it, there is not a one size fits all approach to dieting or changing your body composition. However, you can experiment with doing a ketosis diet and if it does't work you can change it back to your original plan! If it works for you, ketosis can help you maintain and increase your strength. Not to mention tt is also a great tool if you want to lose body fat.
Always use high quality food choices and make smart choices that fit your goals and your personal needs !

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