Monday, November 14, 2016

Align and conquer !

Do you know what needs to be in alignment for your life to feel like it's running smooth? Three little things that will help you move forward in your life and career which overlap one another but are very intricate to your well being.
-Health-weight, sleep quality, metabolism, cardio-respiratory etc.
-Life- work, friends, family, social life, etc,
-Fitness- weight training, nutrition, cardio
These are major aspects of your life, so if one of them is not in harmony with another, you are going to have an imbalance that cause inner chaos, stress, conflict, depression and even send your life in a downward spiral for a period of time. We have all had that moment of what am I doing wrong?

The three mentioned aspects of your life overlap each other in a beautiful way. Fitness leads to good health, which leads to a more productive lifestyle, thus increasing quality of life. However, you are paying too much attention to one area, the other two areas will inevitably suffer and start to decline.

I will use myself as a "good-bad" example of this. Fitness is my passion. I tend to get caught up training for shows that fitness starts to overtake my balance. From cardio to weight training and sometimes double work, you can see how other areas can suffer, You can also flip this to a work imbalance. There are so many people that I know who put themselves last for the past 20 years. Trying to have a career, raise a family and putting themselves last. They didn't have the balance of fitness in their life.

There is a pattern to fitness, life, and health. They are constantly changing over time. This means that you too need to be constantly changing your behaviors to maintain balance. This is your life, your fitness and your health, and to balance all three of these areas will be completely different for every person. You need to know what balances your life!

Ask yourself the following questions:
-Do you feel like one area is pouring over into another?
-Which one of these areas is more difficult for you to accomplish balance in?
-If you have an imbalanced life, what is being neglected?
-Can you adjust your schedule?
-If you create more balance, how would your life change ?
Maybe taking the time to sit and think about your life, goals, and what you want to accomplish can be the key to finding peace in the quest to find ultimate balance overall!

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