Sunday, October 30, 2016

Why I am choosing to compete again.

It's coming down to that time of the year when NPC is having a ton of shows for the National level competitors as well as the newly founded Pro's for Bikini, Figure, Physique and Bodybuilding.As a Figure competitor myself, there are two sides to every story. A lot of people don't see how hard it is to prepare for a show and the after effects that it has on your mind and body. More and more people are starting to speak out about the "post" show rebound and I can be the first to tell you that this is a real thing.

I myself have had some post show stories that I went through and to be honest, I still enjoy competing. Some people will never understand why physique competitors want to do this to their bodies. We train hard year round, allow our bodies to change shape, we create and sculpt for aesthetics and then put our-self on display for judgment.  There is something about the rush of seeing your body change, having the stage to yourself and making a presence known in your tiny gillttery  bikini and heels. So why do I keep going back for more? To be 100% honest, I love to train. I enjoy training for a goal. Going into the gym, with a plan and ready to attack my physique for the following year is the most liberating feeling I have. Not only is training important to me but showing others how to workout, see changes and get confident is my passion.

My fitness journey has been through everything. I will always try new training techniques and the current training styles out there because I want to be well rounded and to be able to provide any service to my clients. I have done everything from bodybuilding, to power lifting, Crossfit, HIIT classes and even yoga. I want to have a well rounded experience to share incite to others. I just happen to love the sport of bodybuilding and that is what I personally get the most results from in my physique.

The sport of bodybuilding is deferentially hard for many and so many people don't see the backside of the spotlight on the stage. What makes it hard ? The mental side. Working out is easy if you have a plan, dieting is tolerable because you see changes but the mental side is something that many have a hard to to prepare for. Competing in figure has proven to me that I am mentally capable of more than I even realized. What I learned about myself are these important concepts: discipline, persistence. work ethic, self confidence and patience. Where many people mess is up is in believing in fear. Fear of gaining weight, fear of failure, fear of disappointment.fear of being judged or lack of success. When you put these into the mix, you are now at a vulnerable state of mind when you need to be mentally at your strongest.

Knowing how to love yourself through the process is the difference in the post show outcome. This year is going to be my year to love the journey, love the process, share and spread positive actions and really change the way there is a negative stigma about competition prep. I want to be a leader in the fitness industry. To lead by example means that I need to understand and control the behaviors that lead to disordered eating, body dismorphia and obsessive food behaviors. Achieving balance through the journey and inspiring others to take a leap of faith to walk across the stage.

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