Monday, October 3, 2016

What's in your pantry ?

Getting healthy might be as far as your kitchen pantry. What many of you might not know, is there are many "super" foods that are foods you already enjoy but are not talked about because they are regular to you and your diet. And by "super" I simply mean they have amazing health benefits to add to your already healthy lifestyle !
Starting off this list is onions. Think about some of your favorite dishes at a restaurant and you will find onions near by. But they don’t just taste good. They possess incredible health effects of which most people are unaware. And they’re cheap and fairly hardy at room temperature. There’s no reason not to keep a big bag of them around.
Garlic and onions seem to go hand and hand so it's only natural that garlic makes the list. Garlic can improve immune function and reduce the occurrence of common colds.If you’re after the health benefits, raw, crushed/chopped garlic is the best source. But go ahead and cook away, too. An effective dose is between 1-3 cloves, although more may increase benefits.
Ginger might be an odd ball to find in your kitchen but it's super easy to find in a grocery store.Ginger is effective against nausea, particularly morning sickness-related and chemotherapy-induced nausea.n people at risk for colon cancer, ginger reduces biomarkers of colonic inflammation.Ginger can reduce osteoarthritis-related pain, about as much as ibuprofen.
It can increase HDL and lower LDL. Just a teaspoon of ginger is an active dose !
Black pepper is so common that we don’t even really think of it as a spice. We just add it to everything, almost absentmindedly. There’s no better way to season a steak than with salt and black pepper.
Do what I do: grind a ton of black pepper into everything you eat. It’s possible that I use entirely too much, but it tastes great and it’s probably making the rest of the food even more nutritious.
Bananas get the short end of the stick in many health circles. Maybe it’s because they’re fairly dense in carbs, which can be problematic if you are trying to lose weight. You’ve got the green banana, a crispy fruit full of fermentable fiber (a green banana can contain up to 25-30 grams of resistant starch) and very little digestible carbohydrate. They make great post-workout treats, for example. And then you’ve got the half-ripe banana, which has moderate amounts of both resistant starch and digestible carbohydrate.
The existence of these hidden "super" foods means you don’t have to spend outrageous sums on more conventional "super" foods. You can eat normal meals with regular ingredients and derive many of the same benefits.

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