Monday, October 24, 2016

Motivation on FLEEK !

Motivation. If you have it you are given a blessing. If you don't have if you fight daily to find it. Don't you wish you can bottle that up and keep it for later when you have it ? From a coaching perspective, helping those with a ton of motivation is easy. You guide them and they are ready to go. However majority of people are not as motivated (which is why they get coaches or trainers) to help them along the way.
The fitness industry primarily markets to people who are already active and value the importance of a healthy lifestyle. but what about the millions of Americans that ignore basic health advice?
For Americans here is the reports on health:
13% smoke daily
60% are low risk drinkers
45% are inactive or not active enough
63% are overweight or obese
27% have one chronic disease, and another 23% have at least two
2% have had a cancer diagnosis in the past five years
5% have diabetes
20% have had a mental disorder in the past year
What motivates you ? For me the heart of my motivation live in my values. Knowing your “why” is important. Doing things that are important to you or that you hold in high regard, that you value, often ensures your success. They are things that you need to have as motivation from the inside. Being driven by extrinsic factors or external motivators means you are powered by someone else’s values. Looking for motivation outside of yourself is not usually powerful enough to drive you through those hard times. Purpose drives the motivation.
My belief is most people know what is healthy and what is not. We are constantly bombarded with health information and misinformation can be challenging. But most people intrinsically know what is healthy and good for them and what is not. So the six-million-dollar question is, why don’t we do it? It’s clear that with an obesity epidemic sweeping the globe, there is a massive gap between knowing what is healthy for us, and behaving accordingly.
Most of us have a disconnect between who we think we are, what we believe our values are, and what we actually spend our time on. Are you ok continuing to live your life this way? Given the disconnect between the costs of no exercise and your deepest values, are the costs acceptable? If you deem it unacceptable, it’s time for an action plan to replace those negative habits with positive performance rituals.
One of the main reasons why people fail is that they think they deserve to be happy. The pursuit of happiness is like a plague of entitlement and instant gratification. But here is the clincher: you can’t have happiness without struggle and pain. Happiness is the positive result of working through all that it takes in order to get there. The quality of our life is not determined by our positive experiences, but how we deal with our negative ones. That’s what it takes to get good at life.

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