Friday, October 21, 2016

Keep your body on track!

As you age, you start to notice that your body changes a lot. Every one of us will inevitably suffer a natural degradation of bone density as we get older, that's just a part of life. However, if we’re mindful of this, it’s possible to take some pretty smart measures to strengthen our skeletons now, which fit right in alongside our normal everyday fitness goals.
Here on my top 4 things you can start to do to change your bone density and keep your body foundation strong!
Vitamin D
-Essential to help body absorb the calcium you’re consuming while eating a proper nutrient dense diet. Lucky for us, it's as easy as spending about 10 minutes in the sun. Vitamin D is produced when our skin is exposed to daylight and even more so in direct sunlight. There’s a perceptible mood effect too, which helps to bolster the overall sense of well being!
Eat right
- The body is in a constant process of self-renewal, incessantly churning out new bone, muscle, blood, skin etc. I believe that what we put into it determines the quality of its rebuild. Limit high sugar and processed foods, since the body can't break them down as efficiently. Eat a diet rich in colorful veggies, fruits, healthy fats and some protein each meal.
Consume less alcohol
-Alcohol in excess is unhelpful for most bodily functions, but it also has a direct effect on decreasing your bone mass. Also think about reducing the amount of caffeine you consume daily. Keep in mind, coffee and fruit juices have a high acidity content and can ruin your teeth. If you do drink it, consume it through straws should help reduce the amount of decay.
-Lifting makes EVERYTHING strong. Period ! Make sure you weight train at least 3-4 times a week and add in some cardio!

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