Thursday, October 27, 2016

I got the golden ticket to your success !

I have a secret to success in fitness, practice what you DON'T like. Yes that is the biggest and best advice someone, a coach, can give you. We all have those movements that we prefer not to do or might not like as much as other things we practice. Good news is that if you focus on the things you may not like more, those things now become things you get better at. And when you are better at something you tend to like it more. It's a beautiful cycle. If you see the reward from your training, you will continue !
My simple advice, if you dislike a movement or exercise, do it first. Many people make the mistake of leaving it till the end. What happens then is you either skip it or you dread doing it and make it 10x's worse than what it is. Put it first and get it done!
The days where you see a skill that makes you a bit nervous, don't skip that day. You should be train the things you enjoy and practice the things you need to get better at. If you want to grow, improve and get better, taking the time on your "weaknesses" is 100% worth it !
Try it out next time you have a skill that you don't feel you are great at. Put that movement first. Do it when you are fresh and have attention on it. Try to give each movement focus instead of just going through the motions. Connect with that muscle group you are using to increase your ability to learn and grow faster !

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