Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hormone Check !

Hormones play a huge role in your life. From your mood, to water retention and even weight loss. If you don't keep an eye on them your body and mood can become out of whack fast ! Estrogen is one of the most important hormones we, as females, have in our bodies. Estrogen is the hormone that ultimately is essential for keeping our bodies functioning optimally. But did you know you can have too much estrogen that can hinder your fat loss ? Here are some life hack tips on keeping those hormones in check !
One of the biggest factors that YOU have the control over is stress. Stress can result in higher cortisol levels, reduce insulin levels, shut-off fat burning hormones, and also increase estrogen. This can impair your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, causing greater cravings for sugary food, as well as affecting your body’s ability to process carbohydrates. Excess estrogen and cortisol can also cause sleep disturbances.
Food is medicine. It really can be the best thing for you to eat whole foods that are natural. But can you do better ? Sure!! If you are not buying organic, free-range meat, poultry or dairy products, chances are they may contain a higher amount of estrogen-like hormones from pesticides, toxins, antibiotics and growth hormone as a result of the feed they are being supplied. That also goes for fruit and vegetables that have been sprayed by pesticides. Be sure to buy organic whenever possible. Now fruits and veggies with a peel or hard covering you CAN get away with buying regular and not organic. Be sure to wash all your fruits and veggies !
Excess body fat is always a concern for good health behaviors. Regular exercise is the key! Exercise can have a significant impact on lowering estrogen levels, not to mention reduce stress and improve insulin sensitivity. Make sure you are exercising for at least 4 days out of the week with moderate intensity and doing something on the other days that bring more movement to your day!
Our environment is slightly less than ideal for healthy behaviors.We live in a world where the air we breathe is loaded with xenoestrogens found in pesticides placed on the food we eat, plastics, fuels and even daily toiletries we use on our skin. Xenoestrogens are man-made chemicals that act like estrogen in the body. You can reduce your exposure by using organic and BPA free items especially your makeup and cleaning products.
Balancing out your hormones might be the little life tip you are waiting for to possibly help you lose the last 5-10 pounds!

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