Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Get rid of bloating for good !

Do you get the case of the bloats ? I sure do, and when I do it's bad. Not like oh it's just a slight discomfort, more like my body feels like it might explode. It's not only unattractive for you to look bloated but you also feel really bad too.But why? Let's try to look at some common bloating issues that your body faces each day!
Bloat can be identified in the following ways:
Distended stomach.
Gut pain.
Feeling “puffy.”
Bloating is mostly subjective. You can “feel” bloated without experiencing actual stomach bulging. Other times, it adds actual inches to your waistline.All of which are not good !
Listed below are the most common gut irritants!
-Obesity is consistently associated with bloating. Whatever causes obesity may also cause bloating. But if that’s true, fixing the obesity will likely fix the bloating problem as well. Learn to eat foods that are healthy and in the most natural state !
-Several studies identify gluten/wheat as a major bloating culprit. In Mexican adults, those who reported adverse reactions to gluten had objectively higher rates of bloating and constipation. Try to avoid wheat, rye and barley.
-SIBO is characterized by a reduction in lactase which is the enzyme that break downs lactose. This allows all three short-chain carbs to pass through to the colon for unwanted fermentation and gas production.Try a low-FODMAP diet to eliminate the offending carbohydrates.
-Some gut bacteria consume carbohydrates and produce methane. Some consume them and produce hydrogen. Still others consume the gases other bacteria produce. If you have a lot of the gas-producing bacteria and few of the gas-consuming bacteria, your body will produce bloating.
-The inability to “go” is a potent cause of bloating. I’d argue that it’s even worse than gaseous bloating because solid things are just sitting there. They aren’t moving, they’re accumulating. And as long as you’re eating and digesting, more is always arriving. This creates a terrible bloat. A heavy bloat and the only way to get rid of it is to go! Eating too much or too little can cause bloating.
-Stomach acid also promotes the secretion of carb-digesting enzymes in the intestines. If stomach acid is low, those enzymes run low, too, and it’s harder to digest carbohydrates. More carbs make it through for colonic fermentation (and gas production) in the context of low stomach acid.
-Eating too much too fast! Eating a massive meal is a great way to feel bloated. I mean, you’ve literally filled your GI tract with food.
Slow down, chew your food more, take smaller bites. Eat smaller meals. Eat till satiated, not until you hate yourself. If you’ve eaten a large meal, take a walk.
-Stress inhibits the action of GLUT2, the transporter responsible for the small intestinal absorption of glucose, fructose, and galactose in the gut. Without GLUT2, we can’t absorb those carbs, and they’re more likely to pass through to the colon for fermentation and gas production. Get a handle on your stress however you can. Meditation (or its alternatives), herbs and teas, anti-stress strategies, frequent nature infusions, a daily walk. Rethink it. Just do it.
Use the tips to see if changing your behavior might help your bloating issues ! I know how uncomfortable is to feel bloated so use the tips to change this feeling !

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