Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Eating out made simple !

Eating out doesn't need to be difficult. You can eat out and diet at the same time.As long as you know how and what to order, eating out can be totally doable. I want to share 10 tips that will help you enjoy your time out while staying on track with your fitness goals. These tips will help you manage your goals without sacrificing your social life altogether.
Check the menu BEFORE you go. Check the menu online so you can plan your meal using healthier options. It is smart to show up at the restaurant well prepared and knowing what it is you are going to order. You can eat healthy almost anywhere, but you must know what to ask for and how to manipulate the menu options.
Eat a bit of food before you go out Protein, specifically, will help fill you up and keep you satisfied until you eat again. Have a handful of nuts, protein pancake, eggs or a protein shake to tide you over. Whatever you do, don’t go out to eat starving. Most often, poor decisions stem from the fact that you are starving and foods you typically would avoid become foods you give into.
Don't be afraid to ask for something different. I have to ask all the time for modifications in my meal because of allergies. A quick rule of thumb is that if you have a change in what you want to eat they need to make you a fresh and new one ! Bonus for you!
Eat your veggies ! You can never go wrong with vegetables, just be sure to ask for salad dressings with the dressing on the side or grilled vegetables plain, no butter. NO BUTTER is key; most restaurants will drench their veggies in butter. When ordering a salad, be cautious of all the toppings. Often a “healthy salad” can have more fat and calories than a burger! Avoid salads with cheese, dried fruit, nuts (especially caramelized) and extra unnecessary calories. Don’t forget it is OK to modify your meals!
Make your meal grilled, not fried. Anything that has the word “crunchy,” “fried” or “breaded” you want to avoid. You would be surprised how many meals can be made “grilled with no butter or sauce.” Even a healthy salmon is normally prepared with butter, so don’t forget to ask for what you want.
Drink your water! Not only will water help keep you full so you don’t overeat, but it will also keep you hydrated and help combat extra sodium that is used in restaurant meals to boost flavor.
The more you are aware of how to navigate a menu, the easier eating out will be. Eating out doesn’t have to be so daunting. The more you eat out and learn to ask for what you want, you will see how accommodating most places can be. There is no reason why you can’t go out to eat with friends and family, while continuing to stay on track with your goals. I hope these tips help and prove how realistic it really can be.

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