Friday, October 28, 2016

Do you remember your first time?

Please read this First 

Respect all. As a fitness professional, my #1 goal is to make sure I can help share the world of fitness to others. One thing that I have notices, being that I am involved in many fitness groups, there is a lot of hate. I never thought that communities of people who come together to share the same love of fitness doesn't know how to respect or appreciate the decision to enjoy fitness in whatever way they want.

If you love running. DO THAT. If you love lifting heavy. Try powerlifting. If you like to build and sculpt your body. Train like a bodybuilder. If you love putting in work and testing performance. Find the style of training that fits your needs. What you should not do is put others down for not wanting to do the same fitness style as you are doing. I can't preach this enough, just like nutrition, training is not a one size fits all approach. If you don't get excited to go to the gym, or a class, or running, or whatever you do for physical activity, then do something else. 

When you are in the gym or a class be the leader. Do you remember your first time training? You didn't know what you were doing either! How did you learn? You either watched others, read books or hired a trainer. Don't disrespect those trying to do something new. Educate them and take them under your wing. 

My goal is share passion, teach about fitness and respect those who are willing to try!  If you need help in fitness, you feel lost and stuck or maybe even want to give up. Please reach out. I am here to help teach, guide and prepare you to be the badass that you are !!! 

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