Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A little R and R !

Life is full of moments of happiness, sadness, excitement, stress, love, and so many other emotions that you can place in there. When you are living life, working hard, training hard and trying to be better than yesterday, the biggest setback for many athletes is rest and recovery.
Rest and recovery are not the same thing. They both have a separate place in training that in many times is not addressed. Knowing your body and knowing when to allow it to rest and heal is key to pushing yourself to higher levels of performance.The only way to grow and change is to challenge your body but then use rest and recovery throughout the training sessions to be most efficient.
One great example if this is starting a new fitness regimen or even if you are a seasoned athlete, you try something new. Guess what happens next ? You are sore and that's all for a great reason, You are challenging your body. Maybe you workout in a gym everyday and go out chopping wood. That movement pattern is not used often in training, thus you are now sorer than you have ever been. So what does this mean for you? Change up your normal routine. We all hit that plateau that seems to get you frustrated and mad. Now is a great time to work on something that will change your normal training and challenge you again.
The worst feeling is hitting a plateau and being frustrated. This starts to change your mindset about training, maybe even not wanting to train anymore. This lack of ambition is normal and everyone goes through it at some point. In fact, you will go through it often!
Why does this happen? It comes from doing the same training regimen over and over, which for some people who have never done it would be quite difficult. But for you it’s relatively easy because your body is used to doing it and has adapted. When your body adapts to training, what are you challenging? What are you changing? Don't just go through the motions of training, you need to be fully committed to it. By changing things up so you can push through plateaus in your training, you can find that passion you had before.
What is one thing that is missing from training ? Recovery and rest. You need to allow yourself to disconnect. Taking a break and allowing your body and mind to recover are critical. If you need it, take a full week off. Use that time to recharge and refresh. You can use it as full rest or you can do something different that challenges your mind and body. What happens when you take time off? You come back ready to hit your goals and blast through them!
After taking a break you will be refreshed both physically and mentally. Changing things up applies to all areas of your life really, not just your physical fitness level. It is natural to hit plateaus in your relationships, work and even in your spiritual practice as well. Most likely you will. Find new ways to push through.Learn to disconnect from your life every once in a while. Take a trip, go on a hike without cell phones and truly disconnect and recharge !

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