Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tired of Average !

Mediocre- of only moderate quality; not very good. Most of the time you can link the word "average" to this. In our society, the word average means your doing alright. Your not going over and beyond but your also not drowning either. You are right down the middle. You blend nicely with the crowd and you fit into the norm. For some, this is perfectly ok, for me this is no ok and I choose to be better than average, and you should too.
Do not go where others already laid the pathway, choose to create your own journey and make a trail for others to follow. That is the pure sense of being a leader. Unfortunately, the bar for expectations in our society is very low. People do not want to go over what is expected but would rather sit at the bare minimum they can do. For instance, our lifestyles are growing in size, not just in materialistic things but also physically. Overweight and obesity start to become the new normal. So for people who strive for a healthier life ABOVE average that makes you look crazy.
When you start to do things against the average you are now placed on a box for judgement and ridicule by those who are not walking the path you choose.The insecurities you expose in others when your lifestyle is vastly different from the average population of society, this can provoke some ugly behavior.People can’t help but see your success as a threat to their own comfortable, mediocre existence. When you choose a lifestyle different than theirs in which they can't fathom how you can do it, you now are victim of discouragement to the goals you choose.
I have fallen victim to this ugly behavior many times from others. Since I am "obsessed" with fitness, people discourage that behavior by asking me why I would want to look like a man, or that lifting weights is not feminine enough to be a woman. Funny thing is my life changed the day a picked up a dumbbell for the better. When you choose to make lifestyle habits for your goals, all the other distractions people throw out there don't matter. Going out, drinking, eating foods that don't contribute to my goals, are not in the picture. Some will never understand and that is ok.
When one goal is set another one is already in the works before I finish the first. This is progress. Why should you be ok with just getting by? Those who want it bad enough will be up before you getting after it. It's a mindset you need to have in order to fuel your own desire to accomplish great things.
Ask yourself this, what is challenging you today? The average American lifestyle is boring. Work a 9-5, get home sit down and wish your life was better. Nope, not for me and it shouldn't be for you either. Tired? No motivation? Sore? These are merely excuses to not step outside your comfort zone. Aren't we all tired? Aren't we all a little bit unmotivated at times? Is it easier to just roll over and hit snooze? Sure it is, but what you do after you identify an emotion is what will make or break your determination to be successful.
The best advice I can give is to compete against yourself. Free yourself from the useless, damaging web of comparisons to others’ expectations and live a life you are proud of. Pervasive mediocrity is the only thing standing in your way from going out to achieve great things.

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