Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The hard decision!

Decisions. Many people like to make them however choosing the right one is half the battle.As humans, we are terrible at reasoning. We use concrete emotions first then we use rationalizations.We are excellent to listen and make rational decisions when other people are speaking yet we often fail to see the rules which govern our own systems and behaviors. For these reasons we are also terrible at converting desire into action, but what is the biggest issue regarding this decision making? Information overload.
If you go on Google right now and type in "What is the best fitness program" you will get hundreds of programs that pop up. This leads to way to much information. The amount of available information and information overload can lead us to endless frustration. This leads to analysis paralysis, program hopping, and its malicious little cousin, goal hoping!
Training programs can become a round a bout when trying to find ones that work for you. Each program will have its own variations and will make its case for why it’s the best approach. if you are a beginner try not to fall into this trap. Do not commit to one program and then switch it to a new one because you don't see results just yet. There will always be an alternative way to do it. Remember it's consistency that trumps it all in training !
Maybe you are just lacking motivation to get and keep going. If you’re just looking to get better and don’t particularly care about your rate of progress, I recommend one of two options: find a coach you trust not to injure you, or set a deadline to start (less than a week) and commit to some program, any program, for six months. Here are 3 simple guidelines to follow.
-Avoid any promises of instant, easy results. “Just six minutes a day for 6-pack abs!” has always been a lie.
-Keep it simple.
-Keep it specific to the goal. Don’t start a couch-to-5K program if you’re looking to get stronger.
The next big mistake is program hoping. I am guilty for this myself. In the beginning your body adapts fast and you get a lot of new fitness gains along the way. At some point, your body will stop adapting and it's a lot longer between those PR's and increases in muscle size and strength. This is a natural growth curve, but to someone used to seeing improvement virtually every session, it can feel like being stuck. And stuck is a place no one wants to be.
Here is a major set back if you keep program hoping, any time you switch a program, it will set you back one to two weeks while you learn the new exercises and adapt to the new set-rep scheme. You need to allow your body to adapt to the new stimulus and training in order for it to grow and change.
Last is the issues of no progression forward. What does this mean? You need to work harder at the things you are weak at in training to break through that plateau and this includes diet as well! This is a tough one to address because it’s character we need, not information. Information is, in fact, the problem. You know what you "should" be doing yet ask yourself if you are really doing those things. Want to get a faster mile time but you aren't practicing intervals? Want to get stronger but only make it to the gym 2 times a week? Want to see changes in your body but still have cheat days 2-3 times a week? You might want to look at your behaviors and see where you are coming up short.
Sometimes you don't need information at all. What you need is a little bit of perseverance and heart to get you through training. If you want to be successful you must believe in yourself first !

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