Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stay injury free !

Staying injury free is important in your longevity in fitness and health. Over time, your body will start to break down, you might have more injuries or just nagging body aches. What you can do int he mean time is prevent some of those occurrences using maintenance methods in your training. Your health is at the forefront of your training. Every time you don't get enough rest or your body breaks down because of overuse, you are putting yourself in position for injuries to occur. Instead of pushing the pain away, try these methods out instead !
Let's start with the shoulder. It's the most mobile joint in the body which means it's at the highest risk for injury. Your shoulder has all sorts of intricate muscles, ligaments, and tendons that can start to deteriorate if they’re used incorrectly. If you are experiencing an issue with your shoulders, try to back off of them for a while. Learn to adapt your training with different pressing movements that don't involve a position that causes pain.
To protect your back, build your glutes. Your glutes and lower back tend to fire at about the same time during squats and deadlifts, and if one is weak, the other has to compensate. Be sure to learn how to adapt your training to train your glutes to fire. Maybe you need to get more isolation movements down and then add in the more complex ones. When doing squats, fire those glutes to protect your back !
Your linear progression over time. This simply means that you should be using a lighter weight and gradually increasing the load over time.To protect your knees for the long haul, train in phases so that you’re not always squatting super heavy unless that is your sport of choice. The quads respond better than almost any other body part to moderate weight and high reps.
Arm training that is becoming painful might be because you are overloading that joint. Arm training should not be as heavy as squatting, pulling, and pressing, since your relatively small elbows have to take almost all of the load. Keep your workload in the 15-20 rep ranges and not super heavy for 2-4 reps.
You need to approach each training session with a long-term mindset.Learning how to remain safe and injury free can keep you in the game injury free for a long time !

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