Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Progressive training !

What is progressive training? If you want to see lasting results over time, you need to start with progressive overload training.
What ever trying type you do, should follow some form of overload and recovery with the following components:
Effective overload of cardiovascular and muscular endurance.
Allow time for rest due to the imposed stresses.
Increase the load /intensity in the upcoming training sessions.
A lot of training programs that are currently happening do not have the proper protocol for training and they are to random. Randomness is ok in some cases but if you want to build muscle and strength over time, having a plan is critical for improvement.
So what does random look like in training? It could be doing 3 x 10 of an exercise with no weight recommendation. In cardiovascular, it can mean running a 5 k with no goal per mile. Or even using the same intervals or rep scheme without changing the stimulus over time.
This type of planning may show results in the short term, but there should be some clear plan for long-term development. Here are some specific examples of three clear progressions.
Strength training:
Week 1- squat 3 x 12 reps at #135
-rest 2 mins between sets, 4 days between lifts
Week 2 -squat 3 x 15 reps at #135
-rest 2 mins between sets, 4 days between lifts
Week 3 -squat 3 x 10 reps at #155
-restr 2 mins between sets, 4 days between lifts.
In this example, you see an increase in repetitions the from the first to the second week at the same weight, then the weight increases as the reps decease.
Interval training:
Week 1-Run 5 x 400 M in 1:15
-Rest 2:1 ratio
Week 2- Run 5 x 400 M in 1:05
-Rest 2:1 ratio
Week 3- Run 6 x 400 M in 1:00
-Rest 3:1 ratio
In this example you see the times splits start going down as the rest period increases. You want to have a goal to shoot for when training as well as a time to beat each week to add in progression
The overload-recovery-adaptation-progression sequence represents the basic model for designing any training program. It will show you measurable results over time. Whatever your training goals, this basic concept must be present to continually challenge your systems as your body adapts to the properly-applied exercises stresses. You should always be shooting to progress further for your training sessions and be reaching for more.

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