Thursday, September 22, 2016

I have the secret to weight loss!

If you want results, listen up ! I have the secret you have been waiting for. You can forget your coach, your training program, even your diet. Yes it's that amazing and I want to share it with you. The secret to a healthy life along with increased fitness goals is so simple that I can't believe you missed it all these years.
The key to everything is in your life overall is consistency. If you don't have that, no matter what variable you want to accomplish in your life will not happen. Sorry to let you down thinking there might be a quick fix to getting the results you want but it's not like that. Ask yourself how consistent you are at this moment. Do you want to get stronger and leaner yet only workout 2 times a week? Do you want to eat healthy but sabotage yourself with eating fast food more than you sit at the dinner table with a healthy meal? All these things add up and it's no ones fault but your own.
Being a trainer, i see this all the time. It's very difficult to explain to someone that the goals they want cannot be achieved because of their lack of consistency. Let's put this into perspective. I had an athlete who wanted to squat double body weight, yet did not dedicate the time to squat more than one time a week. Or they go over board when they do squat and can't move for 3 days. The next example is one that is an everyday common struggle that I try to fix. Diet. Diet is simply the food you eat, it does not mean to lose weight. Now, ask yourself about that goal of losing that last 5-10 pounds and performing better in the gym. Now look at your diet. Do they align? If yes, great then we need to work on your training, if no, start being real with yourself.
If you have no consistent behaviors, how do you expect that you will see tangible results? The point is, before you go ranting on to your friends about how this program or that diet doesn’t work, ask yourself objectively if you’re actually doing the work. If you aren’t following the program as it was designed, how would you even know if it’s working or not?
Inconsistency in training can lead to a multitude of issues. First it might lead to injury. Why? Your body is constantly being taxed like it is the first day of training over and over again when you are inconsistent. People are getting hurt because they’re trying to get their bodies to perform at a level they haven’t prepared for with consistent, methodical training over a course of years. It takes time and years to develop the body to maintain a higher level of performance and ability. Why are some successful? They put in the hours of work!
Now it's time to start being consistent in your life. How is this done you might ask. You write it down. Find an accountability partner and share it with them. Log your workouts, log your food, log your sleep, log the amount of time you spend on your specific goals.
Life is not perfect and you will have to make changes here and there but your progress toward your goals will almost never be linear. However, there is one thing for certain: If you do nothing consistently, that’s exactly what you’re going to achieve.

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