Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Food is the addiction!

The struggle is real ! You can easily tell the difference between what is the "healthier" option, however saying no to foods that are right in front of you is a much harder task to do.
Think about it this way, you know that grilled is better than fried, dry means no sauces, and to steam your veggies instead of saute in butter. The hard part is knowing when to stop eating the chips as salsa at the restaurant, ordering cheesy fries with extra cheese, waking up to a nice bowl of Ben and Jerry's to ease your emotions, or even the opposite spectrum of not allowing yourself to eat the foods you want or over exercising to purge them.
Why can't we just say NO to these behaviors? Because, you are on the struggle bus! And you know what, that struggle is real. We don't have perfect lives. The one thing you need to ask yourself is: "Why is this so hard?" We have the power of choice in every circumstance. You can pick what you want and don't want. Your goals are specific to you yet we find ourselves compromising for the sake of others.
When I talk to people about emotional eating, mind you that emotional eating is both overeating/ under eating/ negative food relationships. Most commonly I see things like sugar addiction, exercise addiction, binging and purging along with replacing emotions for food as comfort.
If you think about this, many of you can relate to the following statements, or you might realate to ALL of them:
Worry and stress about food
Obsessively count calories
Occassionally binge or purge
Restrict certian foods
Purge or exercise to “make up” for food
Emotionally eat
Or think about wanting to be free from thinking about food
Now be real with yourself, does this sound familiar? Of course it does! The truth is, you don’t have to have a diagnosed eating disorder to have an unhealthy relationship with food. But you also don’t have to battle food forever or to the degree you are now. So why do we struggle? Sadly it comes from when we were young. Society brings on a lot of unhealthy food messages that conflict with reality. Think about it, we were rewarded with food as children for good behavior, for getting good grades, and even for winning a sporting event. Food is entertainment thus enjoyable but can lead to a negative food relationship down the line.
To break this cycle, identify your emotional connection with food.Ask yourself when is the first time you used food for reward or punishment ( dieting)? For some of you that might be later in life, but for others this came at an alarming young age that left an impression.
Next, what went wrong with that relationship with food? When did food become something more than a source of energy, vitality, and fuel for living your life to the fullest? What shaped your food philosophies, your positive and negative beliefs about foods and about what you “should” and “shouldn’t" eat? Many times this comes from a simple comment that someone made in your childhood or something you have experienced.
Now, assess your current food relationship. Ask yourself these questions:
How much of your day is spent thinking about food?
How do your struggles and your thoughts about food hold you back in your life?
How is your current relationship with food?
So now what can we do? For the next 4 days you have homework. I want you to be real with yourself. IF you don't track your food intake, now is the time to start. Just for the next 4 days, be consciously aware of what you are eating and the emotional connection behind it. Do certain foods bring you anxiety? Are you eating out of emotions or just simply being bored? What is your current energy level and what did the food do to help/ hinder feeling better ? How did your body respond?
A lot of question but it help to give a great understanding of what your body is doing. If you are interested in learning more about how to track, plan and see progress with your emotional eating, be sure to contact me today and I can help you with that !

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