Sunday, September 4, 2016

Don't let the whiteboard ruin you!

The Whiteboard is a common accessory in CrossFit that is found in almost every box around the world. What makes this so iconic? It has the workout for the day along with the ranking of athletes. While this might seem like a great idea to see your name on the board, it also brings a lot of pressure into the room as well.
The process of marking your score on the whiteboard is encouraged at your box and there several advantages, however, it might have a few disadvantages that may deter people from using it the way that it should be.
Pros of the whiteboard
-Motivation !! Yes it's the best form of motivation. Why? Your name is on the screen for all to see. The typical CrossFit person is someone who wants to win! Are you willing to give it your all to be the best for that day? Does the whiteboard make you push that much harder? Do you know what one problem is with ranking yourself? You don't realize that numbers are only half the truth in the scenario. Someone can be scaling the WODs and weights indeed will move faster than you.But they have a "better" score and time than you. Sometimes the numbers are just not that accurate to judge.
-The whiteboard helps you to reinforce your goals. Marking your progress down on the whiteboard not only shows your classmates how you’re performing, it serves as a reminder that you are moving in the right direction towards achieving your goals. You can track your training, numbers and hit new PR's.
-Accountability to show up. In CrossFit, your coach is your accountability buddy. They are there to help you and motivate you to have fun and get better. No one wants to not finish the WOD and have to post that on the whiteboard. Just the thought of not finishing is powerful to help you push more.
What are the Con's of the whiteboard?
-Loss of focus in your training. Do you tend to get caught up on the whiteboard and that affects your training? in the midst of your determined pursuit of becoming a great athlete, how much time do you give to the focus of your form, your strategy for the workout, your enjoyment of the workout?
Sometimes the whiteboard can force bad form for speed for a better time to put up there. Remember, the main goal of CrossFit is to improve an athlete’s health and performance through the safe movement throughout the lift. If you are able to keep these qualities in mind while competing against the athletes than that’s great! However, a common problem that many athlete encounter is the sense that you aren’t competing for yourself anymore, you’re competing out of fear of judgment and the sense that you will ‘lose’ if your score isn’t up to par on the whiteboard.
-The problem is that the numbers on the whiteboard are just that, numbers. They don’t tell the whole story. What if one athlete didn’t count all of their reps correctly? What if they didn’t break parallel on every squat? Conversely, how can some numbers show that someone wanted to solely focus on their technique during the workout? If you take a score as pure fact, then you may find yourself questioning the performance of your classmates and yourself.
-those who look at the whiteboard might forget the bigger picture. They may compare their scores for one workout against the rest of the class and judge their abilities as an athlete based on that sole WOD! CrossFit, by its very definition, is a constantly varied form of functional fitness. Just because you struggled with the row on Tuesday doesn’t mean you are a terrible athlete!
In the end, the whiteboard has its pros and cons. What are your thoughts on the whiteboard?

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