Thursday, September 15, 2016

Do you have it ?

Is sugar taking over your life? Wouldn't it be great if you had limitless willpower? No amount of temptation would matter and you can just change your behavior with ease. Too bad that is not how life works. Think about how hard it is for you to break a bad habit? It might seem impossible but it's not because you have the tools to do it !
One of the most prevalent bad habits affecting our health is sugar addiction. When you think addiction, you are thinking pain killers,drugs and behavior addictions. The problem with sugar addiction is that you don't even know it exists. A chronic high-sugar diet will affect your health. It can lead to serious conditions down the road. Besides just being a major impediment to achieving your physique and fitness goals, there is strong evidence linking excessive sugar intake with type 2 diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia.
Instead, set yourself up for success by assuming that you won't be able to avoid sugar just by saying no. Have a plan in place that will help you to stop, or at least diminish sugar cravings before they even start. The last think you need is a binge on Hershey bars and Sour Patch Kids when you are stressed. We must replace a bad habit with a good one. For most of us, making small, sustainable changes will be more successful in the long run than trying to implement all of these strategies at once and becoming overwhelmed.
One of the most important things you can do to prevent sugar cravings is get enough sleep every night. Sleep is when your body restores the brain and your neurotransmitter levels. When you don’t get enough sleep, you will be low on serotonin, the primary neurotransmitter responsible for a positive mood and overall feeling of well-being.
Allow yourself a "re-feed" meal. I hate the word cheat meal because it means you are doing something bad. Having a re-feed meal is stating that you are giving your body what it needs in surplus. You will also increase your leptin levels which will decrease your feelings of hunger. The only two rules that I have for the re-feed meals are to keep it to a one hour window of time, and make it the last meal of the day.
Make breakfast the most important meal of the day! Make sure you are trying to have higher fats and proteins, with a lot of micro nutrients to keep your body energized throughout the day!This provides steady blood sugar levels and energy throughout the day because of the low glycemic load of those foods, which in turn keeps me from craving sugary junk foods at 10 am !
This leads me to say to EAT your food not drink it! Yes people can get away with a shake here or there but eating your food will make you feel more satisfied! Solid food takes longer to digest, is more satiating, and keeps your blood sugar stable for a longer period of time. Including a good balance of fats, protein, and fiber will keep you feeling satisfied and will keep your cravings down.
The encouraging thing is that the longer you stay off sugar, the less cravings you will have. Feeling good on a day-to-day basis will eventually displace the temporary pleasure you get from sugar. You’ll even get to the point where you can enjoy a sweet treat once in a while without going overboard. Until you get there, make use of these tips and strategies to help you stay on the right track.

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